Hearty Welcome to the official website of the Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi – (CMSF)! Established in the year 1901 by Brother Paulus Moritz, CMSF of Germany as an International, Religious, Missionary and Charitable Society, the Franciscan Missionary Brothers are involved in a variety of services to humanity in several countries. This site illustrates t¬he very effective and fruitful missionary and social welfare activities the Brothers have done in the last one-century and a decade. The Congregation is doing all its activities inspired and led by Saint Francis of Assisi, the Patron of the Congregation and Brother Paulus Moritz, its Founder.

The Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi (CMSF) follows the ideals and spirituality of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis of Assisi was someone who lived the truth of the Gospels in a radical, revolutionary and uncompromising way. His life has inspired thousands of people all over the world, some for the radical simplicity of it, some for the mystical holiness of it and some for the lyrical beauty of his love for nature and all that is in and around us. There is one thing common in all of them-what we call the Franciscan Spirit or Franciscan Charism. The same spirit and charism do operate in the lives and activities of the Brothers. The vitality of the Spirit is evident from the various pioneering activities the Brothers have initiated during the past several decades.

The Brothers have been living the life of BROTHERHOOD for the past 111 years and our activities have been proclaiming it far and wide that we are Brothers in spirit and truth. It is the Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God Almighty, freely chosen to be the lesser ones. The Brotherhood is not a vision to be realized but a reality to be lived in and out of every situation we encounter. It is a relationship between persons and things of this world.

Strengthening the ties of Brotherhood is an evangelical imperative for which one has to work ceaselessly; and it is an unparalleled concept, although there is a profound conceptual crisis while applying it universally. However, the sense of the word tells us of solidarity, living in peace and mutual exchange of love and sharing of joys and sorrows. In its wider sense the word means to embrace a relationship with everything that exists: peoples, nations, ideologies, philosophies, the animal and vegetative kingdoms, the mineral and the celestial worlds and thus a universal brotherhood. It is a perfect and ideal relationship, which God intends to bring about with the co-operation of humankind. The Congregation is ever grateful to God Almighty for the abundant blessings showered on us until today and the great work done and the sacrifices made by our veterans to keep the Charism of the Congregation active and alive.