Tribes are always a neglected lot. Pushed back to the jungles, hills and corners of the society. They too cherish the dreams of being integral part of the mainstream society and partake in the process of nation building. We have our Brothers amidst them, extending them with education, medical care, various types of training, conscientization etc. to strive hard to fulfill their hopes and aspirations for a better life.

Preserving their culture and its purity in its original shape, Brothers live among them an become part of their daily life.



“Heal the Sick... cleanse the lepers”; inspired by these words of Jesus, and disenchanted by the vanity of richness, St. Francis of Assisi embraced poverty. He could speak to animals and birds in their languages. Through preaching the good news and serving the poor, find solace is the Franciscan Charism. Old and sick and ailing and familys rejected less fortunate brethren find home and solace with the Brothers. Their tender care and human approach make them feel at home and get their ailments cured. Hospitals rejected and doctors abandoned cases are cured miraculously in our acupressure healing centres.Our Brothers extended healing touch to people through leprosy hospital, acupressure therapy centers, dispensaries, regual medical camps etc.



Our shanties look with disdains the palatial bungalows and manhattans. “Home, sweet home”, is the dream of everyone. Rural and urban India faces one of the worst crisis is in providing shelter to its citizens. People live in pipes, drainage pavements, slums etc. where there is no proper sanitation or hygiene. Contagious diseases are their constant companions. Lack of facilities lead to many uncalled happenings. Franciscan Brothers have been instrumental in providing houses for hundreds, who otherwise would have embraced street corners, drainage pavements or slums to lay their heads. We have many more ambitious plans to provide a roof above the heads of hundreds of poor fellow men who are helpless in getting it done by their own.

We firmly believe that we can shelter them decently in association with generous people like you, government agencies and NGO`s.

Euro 2010,- is the construction/furnishing cost of a house or donations of any amount will definitely be a boost to the morale of our Brothers and will help in adding many more far-flung and underdeveloped areas into our service fold..


Thrown out of their own destiny, the orphans crave for a destiny. They crave also for a dignified life. By running more than 32 orphanages, Franciscan Brothers spark a ray of hope to many unfortunate children who otherwise would have lost in the streets and left unwanted to land up in the hands of antisocial elements. Our Brothers are sister and brother and mother and father for them. The lives of these less privileged in the society is filled with love and care in our orphanages. More than hundred years of service in the field of caring the orphans,Franciscan Brothers have still miles to go in establishing many more centers for orphans an brining them up to fit into the status of the society.



Every child has a right to get educated. With ardent fervor, Franciscan Brothers take education in the masses. Whether it is hill or plane, village or town, Franciscan Brothers are torch bearers in spreading the light of knowledge. Most of our schools are situated in far-flung villages, where people find it difficult to meet both the ends of their necessities. After much persuasion and pleading to the parents, the children are allowed to attend school. Their daily needs like books, uniform, stationary, food, scholl fees etc. are met by the Brothers. In some cases, midday meal is a boost to the children to attend the school. Through a number of schools, the doors of knowledge are opened to all people from all walks of life irrespective of their cast, creed or language. Scholl for Cowboys an girls are also given adequate importance in tribal bet. Children who are left in looking after domestic animals end up their life without knowing the realities of the world. They are given chances to learn through our schools, which cater the need of imparting common knowledge with the relaxation of some games an food. Illiteracy among the senior citizens in rural India, Sri Lanka and South America is really a matter of grave concern. We have programmes of educating them, when they return to their homes after the days toil in their fields. They ware given basic training in reading an writing.

Franciscan Brothers are also forerunners in the technical and vocational training. The society has many acclaimed Technical Institutes, Engineering College an Management College armoring the youngsters for a better career.

You can be part of developing human resources. Euro 100,- is the educational expense for a child per year or donations of any amount will definitively be a boost to the morale of our Brothers an will help in adding many far-flung and underdeveloped areas into our service fold..


This project is named “Multi Skill Training Programme” aimed at providing adequate training in different skills; to begin with unemployed youths from rural India. The same model will be extended to other parts of the world (Sri Lanka, South America) where the Brothers are actively involved in rural development. During this technical training program, they will be taught four skills in a span of two years, such as Electrical, plumbing, welding and carpentry.

The selection is made from four provinces of India namely South, Central, North an North East. This new venture is aimed at enabling the rural youth to earn a livelihood and support their families, which are reeling under the curse of poverty.


The training method used is residential program with hand on training, which will help the candidates to be able to take up independent jobs at the completion of their training.


Unemployed/underemployed, school dropout youth from rural India will get a chance to learn skills which otherwise would not have been possible for them due to their miserable rural background.

After the competition of their studies, they will be able to find self-employment in their own places or in the nearby townships without having to migrate to larger cities.

National integration, cultural integration, learning of new languages etc. take place due to the coming together of youngsters from various cultural an linguistic background for this common purpose.

It is really a boost to the youngsters who hail from insurgency-affected regions of our country. As it happens in many of our states that unemployed youths are taking arms against the very unity an integrity of the nation, programs like multi skill training can certainly provide a meaningful existence to the desperate unemployed youth and also peace an harmony to their families and to the society at large.

Eradication of poverty is one of the main targets aimed by this project. The support, which can come from the youngster who gets trained in this field, will bring a certain amount of income to his family, which will also be shared to the rest of his family.