The Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi - Congregatio Missionaria Sancti Francisci [CMSF], was founded by Brother Paulus Moritz of Germany in 1901 in India. CMSF is a Religious Missionary Institute of Pontifical Rite under the Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. The Congregation follows the rule of the Third Order Regular (TOR) of Saint Francis of Assisi. The Congregation draws its Charism and inspiration from the life and ideals of Saint Francis of Assisi - the Patron and Brother Paulus Moritz - the Founder of CMSF.


The Charism of the Congregation is “Franciscan Brotherhood dedicated to Pioneering Evangelization”. The uniqueness of the CMSF Charism lies in its “Brotherhood at Pioneering Evangelization. ‘Evangelization is the Vision’, ‘Brotherhood is the Mission’ and ‘Pioneering is the Way of its Existence’.


The Franciscan Missionary Brothers [CMSF] according to the ‘Vision’ of their inspirer, Fr. Anthony Maria Bodewig SJ and Founder Brother Paulus Hermann Moritz are called to be Pioneers in active Integral Evangelization through their Mission of love and Service to all people and nations and live their lives rooted and built on Christ Jesus to lead the people to experience the fullness of life.


To render service to all strata of people, especially the vulnerable sections of the society in order to empower and help them attain integral development and live a free, just, dignified and truthful life; so that the message of the gospel becomes incarnate in their lives with its specific challenges and needs.